Here is a quick tour of Wolf Den Martial Arts

Here is a quick tour of Wolf Den Martial Arts

Wolf Den Martial Arts is a holistic platform that empowers individuals of all ages to thrive through martial arts discipline. For children, it instills structure, goal-setting, and perseverance, translating into improved academics, better relationships, and increased self-esteem. It also teaches respect and empathy.

Through rigorous training and a supportive community, Wolf Den Martial Arts fosters personal development, a sense of belonging, and purpose, enabling individuals to excel in various aspects of life. It's not just about combat techniques; it's a transformative journey towards becoming the best version of oneself, enriching lives through martial arts discipline.

Meet our instructors

Our school provide qualified, knowledgeable instructors who offer each child an atmosphere of co-operation and fair play.

Coach Chris
NESTA CPT, PTK Guro, SnakePit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling coach, Shotokan Karate 1st degree Black belt, American Karate 2nd degree Black belt

Coach Chris has over 25 years of experience training Martial Arts, and an extensive background in strength and conditioning for athletes of multiple disciplines. He is a passionate and driven coach, giving all he has to his students. Training with Chris you can be sure you’ll be putting every aspect of what you learn to the test, building confidence in your abilities in real time and in pressure tested situations. Disciplined, driven, and passionate…you will not regret beginning or continuing your journey here with Chris and the team.

Coach Joe 

TKD Black Belt, Wing Chun Sifu, PTK Punong Guro

Coach Joe is a 30 year Air Force Veteran with over 30 years experience coaching both Fitness and Martial Art classes. He is the our director of our kids programs as well as the Martial Arts. Coach Joe's patience and passion have made him a sought after instructor for both kids and parents. His time in the air force allowed him to train in multiple arts around the world as well as with some of the leading gurus in Martial arts. Coach Joe's passion for teaching has kept him learning and mastering skills in over 10 different Martial arts. If you are looking for motivation, discipline, and knowledge Coach Joe is where it's at!

Campus Gallery

Why St. Petersburg Community Love Our Martial Arts Classes.

Kelly Edna recommends Wolf Den Martial Arts

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Started going to this gym in April and I’m obsessed!! It’s been a God send. I love that it is strength motivated and we lift heavy things but also-do some HIIT training. The coaches are amazing. Super knowledgeable and really care about you and your form and making sure you are doing things correctly! They do check in on you when you haven’t been in for a while after going consistently for a while without notice. This is a good gang of people with great knowledge and great results! Check it out!

mary gill recommends Wolf Den Martial Arts

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This gym is such a fun and inviting place to workout. Regardless of fitness experience or goals, everyone can come and get a great workout! The coaches really take time to get to know each member and their needs to help customize movements for injury and strength levels. If you have fitness and health goals and show up, you will get your butt kicked and get results. All the coaches have different knowledge and backgrounds and tastes I'm music, lots of variety in class offerings and times. Fitness and strength, kickboxing, yoga, martial arts. It also offers kid classes, so I can do my fitness class while my son is doing a fitness/Taekwondo class.

Kristy Eilar recommends Wolf Den Martial Arts

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I love this program and coaches that helped me. I'm in my 50th, overweight with a bad knee. The coaches were able to adjust my workout around my knee and make me look forward to every class. In about 5 months I was able to lose 40+ lbs, feel and look better and do things I haven't done in years. Highly recommended if you are serious about bettering yourself.

Jessica McCracken recommends Wolf Den Martial Arts

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Joining this gym was nothing short of life-changing for me. In a time when everything was scary, stressful and uncertain, The Wolf Den MA gave me the opportunity to gain a much needed sense of control. Starting with the 6-week challenge, I learned that I was capable of so much more than I thought both physically and mentally. The trainers here are amazing at what they do and they genuinely want everyone to achieve their personal goals (and then set new ones and achieve those too!). They make it easy with personal nutrition plans and customizable workouts that are doable even for people with limitations or injuries. I’m a stronger, healthier, more disciplined version of myself than when I started at Wolf Den MA and I’m confident that once you join, you will be too!!

Jj Jj recommends Wolf Den Martial Arts

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Wolf Den MA is fantastic. Its a REAL GYM. Not a huge corporate empire where you pay your dues and thats your only relationship with them. Wolf Den MA will build a personal relationship with you and will help you out when you need it. When i started coming to them I though the training was going to be free for 6 weeks but i was wrong. Instead of them telling me to come back when i have money the owner just told me to pay him when i can. So i got to start training and everything worked out for both of us because of MUTUAL LOVE AND TRUST. I will always stay loyal to them because of this. The attitude is great here also its not too slacky or too strict. You dont have to throw up every session or they will get mad but they are not going to be happy with your lazy work out. If you want the max gains and dont care if you puke they can get you there also. They care very much and dont let you quit. If you quit you didnt talk to them and you just walked out because they would convince you to stay if you talked to them. Much love to the Wolf Den MA for forging me.

Ana Arapouf recommends Wolf Den Martial Arts

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I was looking for a good gym for almost a year: challenging classes, positive atmosphere and friendly coaches who always inspire you! I am happy I found Wolf Den MA. After only one month of training I've started to notice the results I've been working towards! 💪 That's incredible!

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